Personal Financial Management

Out of an abundance of caution and in an effort to practice social distancing, the Fleet & Family Support Center is closed, and the staff are working remotely. 

Please call 301-342-4911 for more information and assistance. For emergencies, please call the Command Duty Office at 301-342-1095.

A key contributor to Fleet and Family Readiness is having a solid financial plan in place. 
At the Fleet and Family Support Center we have an Accredited Financial Counselor on staff to help you manage your money.  The highly qualified Personal Financial Manager (PFM) provides courses and individual consultations for personal financial management and General Military Trainings (GMTs), in addition to Command Financial Specialist (CFS) training.

Some of the areas we can assist you with are; but not limited to:  Basic Budgeting, Saving and Investing (including Thrift Savings Plan), Home Buying, Car Buying, Retirement Planning, Credit Management, Consumer Awareness, Insurance Planning, and the Blended Retirement System.  We offer classes on these topics as well as individual appointments. 

Please contact us for an appointment: (301) 342-5442