SAIL Case Management Services

Out of an abundance of caution and in an effort to practice social distancing, the Fleet & Family Support Center is closed, and the staff are working remotely. 

Please call 301-342-4911 for more information and assistance. For emergencies, please call the Command Duty Office at 301-342-1095.

SAIL stands for Sailor Assistance and Intercept for Life. It is a voluntary case management program designed to provide support to active duty Sailors during the critical 90-day period following a suicide crisis involving either suicidal ideations or attempts. 

Clinical case managers for the FFSC have contact with the Sailor at designated intervals over the course of 90 days after they accept SAIL services. Since the services are voluntary, the Sailor can choose to terminate services at any point, but is encouraged to continue through the 90 day period. After the first 90 days, the Sailor additionally has the option to extend the services, if desired. 

SAIL is not mental health treatment, but provides clinical case management services that augments mental health treatment. SAIL case management provides a range of support services including identifying needs, monitoring risk, connecting with resources, and collaborating with commands and medical providers.
SAIL case management services are available to any active duty Sailor, any Navy Reservist on active duty orders, or any service member from any military branch who is assigned to a unit located on a Navy base with an FFSC.

Contact the Fleet and Family Support Center at 301-342-4911 for additional information.