Mini Group & Private Swim Lessons

Mini Group & Private Swim Lessons

Join our American Red Cross aquatic instructors in either our private one-on-one or group lessons. This program is open to all eligible patrons!

Group lessons are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm-6pm (level 1/2 combo group) and 6:15pm-6:45pm (level 3/4 combo group) at the Drill Hall indoor pool (two weeks, total of 6 classes, 8 participants max). Private lessons are held at the same dates and times (two weeks, total of 6 classes). Please see level descriptions below for more information.

Session Dates:

  • Nov. 7-16 (registration closes Nov. 3)
  • Feb. 6-15 (registration closes Feb. 2)
  • Feb. 20-29 (registration closes Feb. 16)
  • March 5-14 (registration closes March 1)
  • March 19-28 (registration closes March 15)
  • April 2-11 (registration closes March 29)



  • Group lessons: $55 per child
  • Private lessons: $110 per child



  • Registration closes the Friday prior to the date of the session.
  • Register at the Drill Hall in person or by calling 301-757-3943 Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm.


Swim Lesson Descriptions:

  • Preschool (Ages 3 - 5 years) - A parent, or other participant at least 16 years of age, is required to be in the water with the preschooler throughout each class. All Preschool level classes incorporate games and activities to encourage a fun and safe swimming experience.
    • STEP 1: This class is designed for children who are being exposed to a swim class for the first time. 
    • STEP 2: Step 2 is designed for children who are continuing their swim training. Participants at this level have successfully completed the Preschool Step 1 swim course. 
    • STEP 3: Step 3 is designed for children who are continuing their swim training. Participants at this level have successfully completed the Preschool Step 2 swim course.
  • Level 1: Water Exploration - This class is designed to help participants become familiar in the water, introduce basic rescue skills and teach water safety.
  • Level 2: Primary Skills - In this class, participants will learn to float without support, recover to a standing position, learn basic locomotive skills and expand upon the basic rescue skills learned in Level 1.
  • Level 3: Stroke Readiness - Building on the skills learned in Level 2, this class teaches the fundamentals of treading water, front and back crawl, introduce elements of the backstroke and additional safety skills.
  • Level 4: Stroke Development - This course helps swimmers develop confidence and increase endurance using familiar strokes, as well as, teaches the  breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly (dolphin kick). It also focuses on treading water as a safety skill.
  • Level 5: Stroke Refinement - In addition to teaching stroke coordination and refinement, this level also introduces swimmers to advanced safety skills, open turns, feet-first surface and poolside dive techniques.
  • Level 6: Fitness and Guard Start - Level 6 has two focus areas taught based on the student’s interest. FITNESS focuses on polishing stroke techniques so the student is able to swim with ease, power and efficiency. Guard Start is for students interested in becoming a lifeguard at the age of 15.