Aquatics Center: Outdoor Pool


May 27 –Aug 20


Tues-Sun:  1100-1900

Aug 21 - Sept 4  (once schools resume)


Tues-Fri:  1600-1900

Sat & Sun/Holiday:  1100-1900

* The Aquatic team will blow the whistle to secure the water at 6:45 pm in order ensure proper closing procedures are executed.

* Facility operation will be secured in the event of inclement weather conditons.

Outdoor Pool Eligibility:

Military/Dependents, Retirees, DoD Civilians and Contractors with Base Access. 


  • Active Duty/Dependents: FREE

Retired Military/Dependents, DoD Civilians & Contractors:

  • Lap Swim: FREE
  • Retired Military/ DoD: $ 7 per person
  • Eligible Guests: $ 8 per person
  • Family Monthy Pass: $125 (up to family of 6)
  • Family Season Pass: $250 (up to family of 6)

Programming Updates:

  • Private & Group Swim Lessons are coming soon. Please call the Fitness & Sports Office at 301-757-3943 for more information.

Important Information:

  • Showers
    • Bathroom showers are marked that are authorized.
    • Patrons will utilize shower stand on pool deck to rinse off before and after entering the pool.
  • Restrooms
    • Social distancing to be encouraged via:
      • Every other Urinal, Sink, and locker blocked off
      • Patrons encouraged not to loiter in locker rooms via signs.
  • Patron Belongings
    • Patrons encouraged to bring their own pool toys, towels, and any other items.
    • Same for training items, no items issued for lap swim
    • No kickboards, no pool buoys, no paddles, no fins will be issued by MWR
    • Bring your own water bottles, No water fountains available. Vending machines will be available.