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Welcome to NAS Patuxent River! Located at the mouth of the Patuxent River and the majestic Chesapeake Bay, the naval air station sits on approximately 6,400 historic acres. It is one of the most beautiful and vital shore installations in existence today. The Fleet and Family Support Center staff is available to answer questions, provide information and help you settle into your new community.

Fleet and Family Support Center
21993 Bundy Road
Building 2090
Patuxent River, MD 20670-1132
Relocation Assistance Program

Installation Website:

Base information class

This Fleet and Family Support Center program is the best opportunity to jump start your time at NAS Patuxent River. The class is jam-packed with information about the base and surrounding communities. Included in the class is a windshield tour of NAS, terrific handouts and loads of useful information about what to do and where to go while living in Southern Maryland. In addition, information on local history, inhabitants and folklore is provided. The class is open to military service members and their families. It meets the first Wednesday during the summer months. To register for the class, please call 301-342-4911.

Check in
Please check in at the Command Duty Office and Personnel Support Detachment, Bldg. 409.

  • If entering from Gate 1, proceed straight to the third traffic light and turn left onto Cedar Point Road. Building 409 is located on the right at the next traffic light.
  • If entering from Gate 2, proceed straight on Cedar Point Road to the second traffic light. Building 409 is on the right at the corner.


Driving on base
Vehicles on NAS Patuxent River must be licensed, registered, inspected and insured in accordance with state and local laws. Rental vehicles are considered privately-owned vehicles for purposes of base entry and access control. The vehicle rental contract will suffice as proper licensing, registration and proof of insurance for base access. Vehicle decals are not required for base access on NAS Patuxent River. Access to property and the installation shall be accomplished by vetting Personal Identity Information to determine the eligibility of an individual requesting and requiring access to the base. For more information please refer to NAVADMIN 146/13.

Speed limits aboard NAS Patuxent River are checked by stationary and mobile radars. Radar detectors are prohibited from use on the installation.

All Maryland drivers are prohibited from using a cell phone without a hands-free device while operating a motor vehicle in motion. Cell phone use is a primary violation and drivers will be stopped and cited. Exceptions are allowed for calls placed to 911, ambulance, hospital, fire or law enforcement agencies, as are calls made by emergency and law enforcement personnel.

Maryland and NAS Patuxent River also prohibits texting while driving. This law prohibits an individual from writing or sending a text message while operating a motor vehicle that is in motion or in the travel portion of the highway. This law does not apply to texting 911 or using a global positioning system.

There are no DoD schools at NAS Patuxent River. However, abundant educational opportunities for preschoolers through adults exist in the Southern Maryland area. If you have questions regarding transitioning your child to a new school, please call the NAS Patuxent River School Liaison Officer at 301-995-4004.

Home Schooling
Families choosing to homeschool in Maryland must submit a Homeschooling Notification form to the public school’s Department of Student Services and undergo a bi-annual portfolio review with the school system or supervising non-public school/institution. For additional information and other homeschooling resources, contact the School Liaison Officer or go to Maryland State Department of Education.

Public Schools
Calvert County Public Schools - 301-535-1700
Charles County Public Schools - 301-934-7221
St. Mary’s County Public Schools - 301-475-5511

Private Schools
For a complete list of private schools, contact the NAS School Liaison Officer at 301-757-1871.

Higher Education
NAS is fortunate to have several options for higher education on-base and in close proximity to the base.

On base:

  • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University 301-863-8776
  • Florida Institute of Technology 301-862-1004
  • Navy College 301-757-4111
  • University of Maryland University College 301-737-3228

Off base:

  • College of Southern Maryland – Waldorf: 301-632-2900, LaPlata: 301-934-2251, Leonardtown: 240-725-5300, and Prince Frederick: 443-550-6000
  • St. Mary’s College 240-895-5000
  • Southern Maryland Higher Education Center that offers classes from 14 different colleges and universities 301-737-2500

The Family Employment Readiness Program (FERP) is available to assist you in establishing career goals and objectives, developing and refining resumes, and providing you with up-to-date information about employment resources available in Southern Maryland. Call 410-293-2641 for more information.

Government employment opportunities can be found at
For area employment opportunities, go to Maryland Workforce Exchange
Southern Maryland Online at
St Mary’s County Jobs at
Charles County jobs at
Calvert County jobs at
Maryland Department of Labor at

Exceptional Family Member Program


Identification cards
DEERS, ID card and CAC processing is available at the ID Card Facility Monday-Friday (except federal holidays) 6:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Appointments are encouraged. Services during the hours of 11 a.m.-1 p.m. are reduced to allow team members to take meal breaks. Customers with scheduled appointments take priority over walk-in customers and will be serviced at their scheduled appointment time. For more information or to make an appointment, please go to

NAS Patuxent River Gate 2                                       PSD (ID Card Facility) NAS Pax River
21866 Cedar Point Road                                            22268 Cedar Point Road
Bldg. 2189, Room 1                                                   Bldg. 409, First Floor
Patuxent River, MD  20670                                       Patuxent River, MD  20670
301-342-4952                                                            301-342-1054/7323

Loan Locker
The Community Recreation Tickets & Travel Office operates a loan locker, which can supply basic household items to active-duty service members and their families at no cost until their HHG shipment arrives. Items are available on a first-come, first-served basis and checked out for up to 30 days (extensions may be obtained upon request). To check out items, please bring your military ID and a copy of your PCS orders. You must sign a contract stating the items received are the property of MWR Community Recreation and agree to return the items in good, serviceable and clean condition. 

Items available for loan include:

  • Dish packs with silverware
  • Pots, pans and cooking utensils
  • Toaster and drip coffee maker
  • 700-watt microwave
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sleeping futons, folding cots and limited quantities air mattresses and air sleeping mats
  • Folding table and chairs

Community Recreation Tickets & Travel Office
47384 Keane Rd., Bldg. 2655
NAS Patuxent River, MD 20670
Monday-Friday (except for federal holidays), 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Certificate of Non-Availability
If there is lodging available at Navy Lodge or Navy Gateway Inns and Suites, personnel on PCS and TDY orders must obtain a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) in order to be reimbursed for off-base lodging. CNAs for PCS orders will be issued by the Navy Lodge and CNAs for TDY orders will be issued by Navy Gateway Inns and Suites. CNAs must be issued before your arrival date.

Medical Care
Active-duty service members and their family members must enroll in this region to receive medical care through Tricare. Upon arrival at NAS Patuxent River, please call (877) TRICARE or visit or to enroll in TRICARE.

The Naval Health Clinic on base provides primary care. All urgent, emergency and inpatient care is provided at local civilian facilities or at military medical treatment facilities within Naval District Washington.

Pax River Naval Health Clinic services include Dental (active-duty only), Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Medicine, immunizations, laboratory, Mental Health, Military/Aviation Medicine, Optometry, Pediatrics, pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Preventive & Occupational Medicine, Radiology, Social Work and Case Management, Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) and visiting specialty clinics (ENT, Neurology, etc).

For more information, please call the Clinic at 301-342-1418. For information about clinic hours, services, appointments and updating DEERS, visit the NAS Patuxent River Health Clinic Website

Personal Property Office
The Personal Property Office is located in Bldg. 588, Room 109. Appointments are required.  Please contact staff at 301-757-9666, 888-271-7950 or Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and Wednesday 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Directions to the office from Cedar Point Road:  Turn on to Millstone Road, proceed .9 miles and then bear left. It is the first building on the left. Commercial Public scales are available. Please call 301-862-3311 or 301-475-2939 to schedule an appointment to use the scales.

Your family may include four-legged or feathered family members, too. Ensure your pets have a smooth move by using the following tips:

  • Make arrangements for transportation of your pet(s) well in advance.
  • Have your pet examined by a veterinarian before you move. Get a copy of all health records, rabies certificate and other certificates. The certificate should include a complete description of your pet, a list of all inoculations and a statement that it is free from infectious diseases. Carry the records and certificates with you.
  • If your pet is excitable or gets motion sickness when traveling, ask your veterinarian to prescribe medications.
  • Attach an identification tag to your pet's collar. The tag should include the pet's name, your name and destination address and the name and address of a person to contact in case you can't be reached. Also, carry with you a color photo and, if your pet has a ID chip, the chip’s number.
  • If you will transport your pet via airplane, check with your airline carrier regarding regulations and restrictions, and seasonal/weather related precautions.
  • If you are traveling with your pet via personal vehicle, you can find information on en-route veterinarians and pet-friendly hotels at
  • Learn about regulations regarding pets in your new community by contacting the local government or going to
  • If you will live in on-base housing, be aware there is a maximum of two pets (dogs and/or cats) permitted excluding birds and fish. Any damage caused to the unit or grounds by a pet is the responsibility of the service member. Barnyard or exotic pets, including reptiles, ducks, rabbits, chickens, ferrets, etc., are not allowed.
  • Veterinary services on base?
  • Boarding facilities on base?

Your sponsor (per OPNAVINST 1740.3C) is one of the most significant resources for assistance before and during your move. He/she provides information concerning your new command and community, helps with various things including travel plans and lodging arrangements. Once you arrive at NAS Patuxent River, your sponsor will continue to offer assistance to you and your family.

NAS Patuxent River is very proud of its sponsor program. Once you receive orders, please allow 15 business days for your sponsor to contact you by letter, e-mail or phone. If this time has expired or you need a more timely response, please contact the Fleet and Family Support Center at 301-342-4911 or DSN 342-4911.

All major airports (Baltimore/Washington International, Dulles and Reagan National airports) are more than one hour away from base. There is no routine public transportation to NAS Patuxent River from the airports. Due to budget restrictions, there no longer is free base transportation service from airports to NAS Patuxent River.

Taxi fares generally are not reimbursable. Your orders must state commercial transportation is reimbursable in order to be paid for public transportation.

If you wish for your command/sponsor to meet you at an airport, you must make those arrangements before you transfer. If you need assistance, please call the Fleet and Family Support Center at 301-342-4911.

Once you arrive in Southern Maryland, the St. Mary’s Transit System runs a circular route from Leonardtown to the Lexington Park area with extended routes to Charlotte Hall and connections to Charles County and Calvert County transportation systems. The Transit System’s web site is Also, local commercial taxi service is available. The base taxi service provides transportation for official business and transportation to area car rental agencies.

Base and Community Information
Calvert County
Calvert County Chamber of Commerce 410-535-2577
Charles County
Charles County Chamber of Commerce 301-932-6500
Maryland state information
NAS Patuxent River base pass and identification card 301-342-3231 or 301-757-1770
Southern Maryland Online
St. Mary’s County
St. Mary's County Chamber of Commerce 301-737-3001
Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland 301-274-1922

Child Care
Child Care Administration (Maryland) 301-475-3770
Child Development Center 301-342-8988
Child Development Center Annex 301-342-3636/7636
Southern Maryland Child Care Resource Center 301-290-0040

Calvert County Public Schools 410-535-1700
Charles County Public Schools 301-934-7221
College of Southern Maryland-Calvert County, Prince Frederick 443-550-6000
College of Southern Maryland-Charles County, LaPlata 301-934-7765
College of Southern Maryland-St. Mary's County, Leonardtown 240-725-5300
Navy College 301-757-4111
St. Mary's College 240-895-2000
St. Mary's County Public Schools 301-475-5511
Southern Maryland Higher Education Center 301-737-2500

Maryland Department of Labor
Military Spouse Career Network

Household Goods and Personal Property
Household Goods 855-444-6683 or
Loan Closet 301-342-4911
Personal Property 301-757-9666
Personal Property, Inbound Counselor 888-271-7950

Bachelor Quarters 301-995-2754, after hours 301-342-1095
Housing Service Center 301-342-3846
Lincoln Military Housing 240-895-0380
Lincoln Military Housing Maintenance 888-578-4141
Southern Maryland Association of Realtors 301-274-4406 or 888-340-8727

Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (VOQ) 1-877-NAVY-BED
Navy Getaways-Solomons 410-326-6903
Navy Lodge 301-737-2400 or 800-NAVY-INN

Medical Clinic 301-342-1418
Medical Clinic, appointment line 301-342-1506
Medical Clinic, health benefits advisor 301-995-4980

Calvert County Parks and Recreation 410-535-1600, ext. 2225
Charles County Recreational Services 301-934-9305, ext. 5152
Navy Getaways-Solomons 410-326-7302
St. Mary’s Parks and Recreation 301-475-4200, ext. 1801

Commissary 301-342-3789
Exchange 301-342-0614

Chaplain 301-342-3812
Command Duty Office 301-342-1095
EFMP 301-342-4911
Fleet and Family Support Center 301-342-4911
Identification card/CAC 301-342-4952
Information Operator 301-342-3000
Military One Source
Morale, Welfare and Recreation 301-342-3510
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society 301-342-4739
Personal Financial Management 301-342-4911
Red Cross/Armed Forces Service Center 877-272-7337
Relocation Assistance Program 301-342-4911
Veterinary Services 845-297-5150

Calvert County 410-535-1600 x2272
Charles County 301-645-0685
Maryland State Income Tax 800-638-2937
St. Mary's County 301-475-4472 or 301-475-4473

Public Works Vehicle Dispatcher 301-342-5088
St. Mary's Transit System 301-863-8400, ext. 1120
Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland/Regional Rideshare 301-274-1922

          Calvert County 800-266-2278
          Charles County 301-645-9300
          St. Mary’s County 800-633-8578

          Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative 888-440-3311

Water and Sewer
          Calvert County 410-535-1600 ext. 2329
          Charles County 301-645-0624
          St. Mary's County 301-373-4733

Vehicle Registration
Calvert County, Prince Frederick (open Mondays and Wednesdays) 800-950-1682
Charles County, Waldorf 800-950-1682
Driver’s exam by appointment only 888-212-4709
NAS Patuxent River Base 301-342-3231 or 301-757-1770
St. Mary’s County, Loveville 800-950-1682

New to the Navy App
The New to the Navy mobile application is for Sailors (Enlisted and Officers) who are fresh out of Boot Camp or Officer Candidate School and ready to report to their first command. The app answers common questions new Sailors may have on pay and personnel matters as they transfer to a school or to their duty station. Available for Apple and Android devices.



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