Child Development Homes

The Child Development Program also offers a Registered Child Development Home Program (CDH). Anyone interested in caring for children in their homes in government housing must be registered through the Child Development Home Program.

The purpose of this program is to ensure quality standards for the care and protection of the children and to provide additional services for military families. Child Development Home is defined as care provided for up to six children, including the provider's children, in a military or surrounding civilian housing units. Care may be full or part-time on a regularly scheduled basis. Fees are determined by the sponsors' Total Family Income (TFI). The CDH weekly fee reflects a 20% lower fee than published center-based fees.


Military families seeking child care within Naval District Washington can make a request online at is a DoD, centralized website which allows families to search for and request care, manage their requests, and update their profile online, making it easier to find child care. Simply create an account online at Then search the system for the child care options that best fit your needs and submit your request(s). The program or provider will contact you when space becomes available.

To get started, visit For questions/support, call 855-696-2934.  

For assistance, call the Child Development Homes Monitor at 301-342-3960.

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