Flying Clubs

The MWR Patuxent River Navy Flying Club (PRNFC) is a recreational and instructional flying organization which offers instruction, aircraft rental and endorsements.

Flight Instruction

You can earn your private pilot certificate in as little as four months. Earning your license requires ground and flight instruction, both of which are offered by PRNFC. After successful completion of ground instruction, an FAA knowledge examination is administered. When flight instruction is complete, demonstration of your proficiency is tested by an FAA designated Flight Examiner. Even though the FAA minimum requirements can be satisfied in as little as 40 hours, the average student needs approximately 60 hours to be ready for the examination.

Licensed Pilots

The PRNFC has an interesting variety of aircraft for your flying enjoyment. Whether flying friends or family to lunch or flying for official travel orders, PRNFC offers you more options.

The club currently operates a C-152, C172N, T-41C and PA-28R aircraft.

Stop by the PRNFC office located on Cedar Point Road past the Post Office for more information.

Patuxent River Navy Flying Club Aircraft Rates

Aircraft Wet Rate
$75 No rear seats fitted: operated (and insured) as a two-seat aircraft. IFR certified.
$89 Operated with (and insured for) all four seats. VFR only.
$89 Operated with (and insured for) all four seats. VFR only.
$99 VFR only.

Operated with (and insured for) all four seats. IFR certified.


Groundschool Cost
Private Pilot Groundschool Lessons $110
Private Pilot Groundschool Course Materials $250
Instrument Pilot Groundschool Lessons $250
Instrument Pilot Groundschool Course Materials $100

Ground and Flight Instructor rate: $26/hr.
Headset rental: $3/flight.
10% discount for returning aircraft to club prior to 1300, Monday – Friday (excluding Federal holidays).
Club Membership also required.

Rental costs are based on engine running time taken from the Hobbs Meter.
Wet Rate includes aircraft rental, all fuel uploaded from NAS Patuxent River and insurance.  Members will be reimbursed for actual costs of fuel purchased at other airfields up to a maximum of $4.41/gallon.