MWR Community Recreation's Glow Party Skate Night Named Program of the Year

MWR Community Recreation at NAS Patuxent River recently won the Commander, Navy Installations Command’s Recreation 2023 Program of the Year for its Glow Party Skate Night. The award follows a previous win as Program of the Quarter.

Community Recreation Director Jennifer Beavers said, “We are always trying to bring new, fun, innovative programs and ideas to Pax River and we are grateful that our peers across the enterprise recognized us for it.”

The awards come with a combined $15,000 grant, which Community Recreation will be able to use for future events and programs.

“We are putting together our list now to find equipment that will help us continue to think outside the box that we normally would not have the opportunity to purchase,” Beavers said.

The skate night, held in August, featured free roller skating on the outdoor roller hockey rink that was recently relocated near the base’s tennis courts. An additional skating rink surface was rented and placed in the parking lot next to the hockey rink. Roller skates were available for use, or event participants were welcome to bring their own.

Glow items were provided free of charge, and concessions were sold at the Center Stage Theater.

A DJ provided music throughout the event. Disco balls, balloons, glow lights and other decorations contributed to the party atmosphere.

Participation by the Bowling Center, Movie Theater, Community Recreation, Liberty and Teen Center programs helped to make the program a success, Beavers said.

The Program of the Quarter recognizes new initiatives and highlights current recreational and leisure trends with the highest impact to MWR customers. The Community Recreation Advisory Board and Program Managers vote on award nominations. Program of the Quarter winners are considered for Program of the Year.