Counseling Advocacy and Prevention (CAP)

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People sometimes encounter difficult situations or crises in their lives and often benefit from the professional counseling services that are available at the Fleet & Family Support Center (FFSC). Counseling contributes to personal readiness by providing the opportunity to develop emotional awareness and problem-solving skills that can reduce stress in the workplace or in personal relationships.

Our Fleet & Family Support Center is staffed with highly qualified, licensed counselors who provide short-term counseling for active duty service members, spouses, dependents, and retirees. Each of the counselors holds a masters or doctorate degree in Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Psychology. They are fully credentialed to provide confidential counseling and are available to assist you with your concerns, at no cost.

Clinical Counseling at the Fleet & Family Support Center is based on the best scientific evidence of models and research; it is supported by our nurturing environment and well-educated service providers. Our office provides individual, marriage and family counseling services – giving our service members and their families the opportunity to achieve their personal best.
Fleet & Family Support Center counselors can provide support in dealing with a wide range of concerns such as:
·         Improved Communication
·         Strategies for Managing Stress & Anger
·         Grief & Loss
·         Adjusting to the Impact of Deployment
·         Life Transitions
·         Relationship Concerns

You do not need a referral from your Command, Tricare or primary care physician.
Crisis intervention services are also available and same-day or walk-in appointments are welcome.
Contact Fleet & Family Support at 301-342-4911 for more information.

SAIL Case Management Services

SAIL stands for Sailor Assistance and Intercept for Life. It is a voluntary case management program designed to provide support to active duty Sailors during the critical 90-day period following a suicide crisis involving either suicidal ideations or attempts. 

Clinical case managers for the FFSC have contact with the Sailor at designated intervals over the course of 90 days after they accept SAIL services. Since the services are voluntary, the Sailor can choose to terminate services at any point, but is encouraged to continue through the 90 day period. After the first 90 days, the Sailor additionally has the option to extend the services, if desired. 

SAIL is not mental health treatment, but provides clinical case management services that augments mental health treatment. SAIL case management provides a range of support services including identifying needs, monitoring risk, connecting with resources, and collaborating with commands and medical providers.
SAIL case management services are available to any active duty Sailor, any Navy Reservist on active duty orders, or any service member from any military branch who is assigned to a unit located on a Navy base with an FFSC.

Contact the Fleet and Family Support Center at 301-342-4911 for additional information.

Family Advocacy

The Family Advocacy Program provides a variety of intervention and treatment models to meet the needs of individual families in reference to child and spouse/intimate partner abuse concerns. Licensed credentialed clinical professionals provide the services.  
FAP Victim Advocates play a key role in assisting with these services. A FAP victim advocates works with the alleged victim in cases of domestic violence, and the non-offending caregiver in cases of child abuse, to provide resources and safety planning.

The program is designed to address the prevention, identification, reporting, intervention, treatment and follow-up of child and spouse/intimate partner maltreatment.

The program has five primary goals:
  • Education and Prevention of family violence
  • Victim safety planning and support
  • Offender and Command accountability
  • Rehabilitative education and treatment
  • Community accountability and responsibility for a consistent, appropriate response



General Information & Services and Counseling & Advocacy: 301-342-4911

Sexual Assault and Response Program (SAPR)

  • 24/7 NAS PAX Sexual Assault Helpline: 301-481-1057
  • Civilian Victim Advocate: 540-580-8212
  • DoD Safe Helpline: 1-877-995-5247